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What is ergonomic office furniture?


2 men at sit-stand desksErgonomic office furniture is designed to provide comfort and support to the user. By reducing strain on the body, ergonomic furniture can help to improve productivity, alleviate pain and prevent the health problems that can be caused by inferior quality office furniture. When you are considering investing in ergonomic furniture for your employees, it is important to understand what options are available and how they can benefit you and your staff.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Whether they hot desk, work from home or work from an allocated desk in an office, employees spend a significant proportion of each day sitting at their desk. For this reason, when investing in ergonomic furniture, chairs are the first place to start.

Easy adjustability is vital so that employees can share chairs in communal working spaces and chairs can be allocated to different staff members as employees come and go.

The most important function of an ergonomic chair is to ensure the occupant’s body can sit in a safe, upright position that alleviates stress on the neck, spine and hips. Usually, this is facilitated by a supportive headrest for the neck and shoulders, and a backrest that supports the spine’s natural curve. Choosing a chair like this can prevent minor aches and pains and more serious long-term conditions such as neck arthritis.

Our high quality range of ergonomic office chairs includes the Solo Ergonomic Task Chair, which comes with everything you need to tailor the chair to your precise needs, including advanced adjustment features, plus an inflatable lumbar support and a flexible section at the front of the seat, so that the chair doesn’t push against the back of your thighs. Not only that, it’s available in a wide range of fabric choices, meaning that safety, comfort and good quality doesn’t come at the expense of style.

Mixing it up

Nearly all of us are aware that sitting at the same desk all day long is bad for our health, however, breaking that habit is easier said than done when no other options are available and there’s a deadline to meet.

One way employers can solve this problem is by installing sit-stand desks in the workplace. Already compulsory in Danish offices, these desks offer employees a much-needed alternative to the traditional desk and chair arrangement that we have accepted as the norm for so long.

Research by Loughborough University and The University of Leicester found that standing while working increased productivity. Not only that, muscle activity is nearly 2.5 times higher when standing. This means that spending some time standing while doing tasks also has great benefits for physical health by reducing the risk of injuries, pain and cardiovascular disease by up to 40%.

Here at Lismark, our range of easily adjustable sit-stand desks cater for a wide range of tastes and budgets and even includes a two-person version for the ultimate in space-saving and dynamic working.

Nurturing health and productivity

As every business owner knows, a healthy working environment is a happier and more productive one. In the wake of the pandemic, many professionals are reassessing their work life balance, so the provision of a modern working environment equipped with high quality ergonomic office furniture is now more important than ever.

Ergonomic furniture is the key to the modern, health-conscious office but it’s also important to remember this foundation can be enhanced with keyboards and accessories designed to prevent repetitive strain injury and pivotal monitors made to increase productivity by lessening the risk of eye strain and headaches caused by staring at a screen for too long.

Finally, fostering a culture where regular breaks are encouraged is fundamental, as is ensuring that any employees who work from home are also supplied with the appropriate ergonomic furniture they need to do their job in comfort and safety.

High quality ergonomic office furniture solutions

Here at Lismark, we don’t just sell ergonomic office furniture; we work with you every step of the way to understand your exact requirements. As part of this process, our experts will visit you to ensure your new furniture fits and enhances your working space perfectly. To find out more, please email us at  sales@lismark.co.uk or call 0116 251 7741.



Jan 27 22

5 benefits of a high meeting table


These days, business owners are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the traditional boardroom table no longer reflects their ethos and way of working. One easy way to update the look and dynamic of your office is with a high meeting table.

Here are five benefits of having a high meeting table in your workspace:

Increased productivity

When you’re sitting at a high meeting table on a high chair or stool, you’re automatically placed in an elevated position, which prolongs energy levels and aids productivity. This is particularly beneficial in longer meetings, where the traditional table and chair set up makes it all too easy to physically disengage by leaning back in the chair, leading to a feeling of tiredness and a lack of concentration. The sense of focus a high meeting table brings also means meetings and brainstorming sessions tend to be shorter and less likely to go off on a tangent.

A flexible option
Many professionals appreciate the health benefits of being able to work from a standing position. With a high meeting table, you can accommodate the needs of both those who wish to stand and those who would prefer to sit. This is the perfect solution for long meetings where participants can switch to standing halfway through without disturbing others or moving away from the table.

Alternatively, a high meeting table can be used as an additional area for your team to hot desk from, giving them the option to move from their desk to continue their work from a standing position. And of course, a high meeting table is the perfect place for impromptu get-togethers or coffee breaks.

A healthy workplace

You may not be ready to invest in sit s

tand desks for everyone, but a high meeting table is a great way to introduce this modern way of working. High meeting tables are considered a healthy choice because it’s easier for your blood to circulate when standing. Standing also requires more muscles than sitting and helps to improve posture and reduce back pain. These factors all help to reduce common repetitive strain injuries reported by office workers, improve morale and reduce sick days.

Creating a style statement

As well as improving workplace wellbeing, our high meeting tables are built to the highest standards of quality and design. They are available in a large variety of heights, shapes and colours and a range of seating options, meaning there is sure to be the perfect option for you.

The inclusion of high meeting tables also improves the look of your interior by creating a feeling of separation to different areas in an open-plan office. Not only does this provide aesthetic benefits, it works on a practical level for employees who need a break from the confines of their desks.

The modern way of working

Most of us have been in stuffy board rooms with long conference tables and leather chairs which make meetings feel very formal, no matter the situation. However, the contemporary feel of a high conference table changes the energy in the room and makes people feel more relaxed, imaginative and open to discussion.

If you’re looking for a high meeting table, we have a great selection here at Lismark Office Products. View our full range, request a quote or get in touch today to learn more.


Jul 6 21

6 great uses for an acoustic pod

using an acoustic pod

Noise disruptions, lack of privacy and low productivity are problems encountered in many workplaces. The acoustic pod, otherwise known as the privacy pod or meeting pod, is becoming more common in the office to rectify problems like this.

Acoustic pods give employees the opportunity to meet and work in a comfortable area without distractions. We’ve rounded up a few scenarios when having an acoustic pod in the office is the perfect solution.

Acoustic Pod

BRIX-UP Meeting Pod

1. Meeting Visitors in an Acoustic Pod

A meeting pod is ideal for getting together with visitors. This kind of pod can be placed anywhere that you have the space available including reception areas, breakout spaces, and even corridors if they are wide enough. Not only does this mean that guests don’t need to walk through your offices to get to meeting rooms, it also provides a more informal setting.

Acoustic Pod

Zen Meeting Pod

2. One-on-one meetings

A meeting pod with high acoustic sides and back panels can block out noise from the surroundings as well as keeping your conversations private. Whilst they won’t eliminate sound completely (so should not be used for confidential meetings) pods certainly provide more privacy than the open office. Fitted with a table, they are ideal for an informal, relaxed one-to-one catch up.

Acoustic Pod

Magna Meeting Pod

3. Video meetings

With video meetings becoming the new normal, having a quiet and professional-looking space to conduct them is a must. Fitted with a wall-mounted monitor and a webcam, a meeting pod is ideal for video meetings. Not only does a pod provide privacy, but it also means your meeting will be less disruptive to those working around you.

Acoustic Pod

Entente Meeting Pod

4. When all the meeting rooms are full

It’s frustrating, when you want to have an impromptu get-together with colleagues or visitors but all the meeting rooms are occupied. If you have a meeting pod available you can just pop in there and fire away. Some of our meeting pods can take up to six people, making them perfect for that spontaneous team brainstorming session!

Acoustic Pod

Jensen Shelter

5. Private working away from the office

Need to get away from the buzz of the office to concentrate on a special project? Take your laptop, mobile or tablet and get yourself to a meeting pod. The acoustic sides cut through the noise and allow you to concentrate on the task in hand. You can also pair many acoustic pods with either a desk or a standalone laptop table, so working is comfortable and ergonomic.

6. A flexible working spot

With many companies choosing to be more flexible regarding when employees are needed in the office, we may be entering a time when having a fixed desk for every team member is not necessary. Acoustic pods work well as a desk option for staff who may just be dropping by the office to work for a short period. They can also work well as a meeting spot for teams who may no longer be sitting together on a regular basis.

Acoustic Pod

Jig Cave

Easy ways to buy acoustic pods

Whether you require an acoustic pod for meetings or as a quiet workspace for your employees, Lismark has a range of acoustic pods to help. We can also spread the cost over 3 years to make your purchase easier.

Ready to add acoustic pods to your office? Browse our full range of acoustic pods or give us a call on 0116 251 7741 to find out how our furniture specialists can help.

Acoustic Pod

Jensen-Up Meeting Pod

About the author

Mark Brown is an expert in office furniture and design and has spent over a decade offering organisations advice on setting up office spaces to enhance productivity. Mark is the owner of Lismark Office Products, a high-quality Leicester based office furniture supplier.

Mar 19 20

Office furniture trends for 2020

sit stand meeting table

sit stand meeting tableThe last decade has seen the office space evolve from an often bland environment with identikit work stations to a more dynamic environment that reflects a company’s brand identity and caters for new styles of working. The increasing move towards flexible working, hotdesking and open plan workspaces has brought with it incredible furniture innovations.

Some of these modern furniture innovations to watch out for in 2020 include:

Meeting pods

The traditional meeting room is no longer a must-have in the modern office but employers should still ensure that there is a space that can meet the same needs of staff. Meeting pods provide a flexible solution for gatherings of up to 8 people and thanks to the privacy they provide, can cater from everything from an informal team catch up over coffee to a confidential client meeting.

Solo user work pods

The rise of the open plan office has done wonders for team building and collaboration but sometimes privacy is necessary. Whether an employee needs to make an important phone call or settle down to meet a deadline away from the hustle and bustle of the main office, a solo user work pod is an attractive and functional addition to any office.

High meeting tables

As we become more aware of the health risks associated with sitting for long periods, many employers are introducing standing meetings as a way to increase the amount of productive time employees spend away from their desks. Not only is there a health benefit, but studies have shown that standing meetings tend to be shorter and those present more focused. A high meeting table is a perfect accompaniment to standing meetings – offering space for participants to use laptops and notebooks without having to strain.

Sit-stand meeting tables

A great alternative to the static high meeting table, a sit-stand meeting table can be adjusted to meet the needs of both sitting and standing meetings. Whilst standing meetings are fantastic for shorter periods, much longer meetings should be at least partially seated. Sit-stand meeting tables

are the perfect option when there is not space for two tables and they work well in either a meeting room or open office environment. When paired with adjustable chairs or stools, individuals can choose whether they would rather sit, perch or stand as they take part in their daily meetings. Choose a table with a smooth electric adjustable function so employees have convenience and flexibility when it comes to reaping the health and productivity benefits of the ability to stand.

Lismark offers a wide range of meeting pods, work pods, high meeting tables and sit-stand meeting tables. If you have any questions or would like a brochure of our modern office furniture products, please get in touch today.

Mar 17 20

Why standing makes meetings more productive

standing meeting ideas

standing meeting ideasThe negative effects of sitting down for long periods has become common knowledge in offices over recent years. To combat these issues, ergonomic standing desk options have hit the market with force and people are taking a new approach by standing for at least part of their working day.


Introducing the standing meeting

Standing meetings are not an entirely new concept with agile development teams favouring a daily stand-up meeting to keep things short and on point and some businesspeople choosing to have walking meetings just to fit them into a busy schedule.

As they have become more popular over time new benefits of holding standing meetings have come to light. Studies show that standing meetings are not only shorter than those sat down but are also more constructive. Research suggests that this is driven by increased energy levels and sparked creative thinking when standing – not to mention the benefits for employees’ posture. Traditionally, meetings have always been sat around a standard desk-height meeting table. However, those within the office furniture industry, us included, have seen a huge increase in the popularity of high meeting tables, those used whilst sitting on stools or even standing. It seems that businesses are starting to realise the benefits associated with standing meetings. Sit-stand meeting tables have also risen in popularity as they can be raised for shorter standing meetings or set to a seated height for longer gatherings.


Benefits of standing meetings

Increased productivity

Standing meetings have been shown to be 33% shorter than sitting meetings, and usually take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Fewer distractions

There is no chance during a standing meeting for staff members to take a quick peek at their mobile, tablet or laptop to check for emails and messages. With fewer opportunities for distractions, staff are more engaged.

Health benefits

A standing meeting can burn up to 50% more calories than a sitting meeting. Compared to sitting in a chair, standing allows for improved blood circulation, oxygen flow, better posture and muscle engagement – all of which can keep you more alert and lead to better creative thinking. Just by using meeting time to stand, this can provide the right healthy balance between standing up and sitting down during a day. It is important to consider how long the meeting may run however as you may want to sit for at least a portion of lengthier meetings.


Tips for a standing meeting

  • Decide on the subjects for the meeting and let your colleagues know in advance. You should be having a meeting just for the sake of it. If it’s not necessary, cancel it.
  • Before the meeting, let the participants that you will be standing and list the reasons and benefits of why you are doing so. That way, no-one is surprised during the first session.
  • Keep the meeting short, ideally no longer than 15-20 minutes.
  • Pick a space for the meeting where chairs can be pushed to the side. However, do provide chairs for people that wish to use them.
  • Give everyone a chance to talk. Everyone needs to share their information as concisely as possible – there’s not enough time to have one person just talk at everyone.
  • Set up an easel and flipchart if necessary.
  • Ask someone to take notes to be distributed via mail after the meeting if required.


Furniture ideas for standing meetings

If you like the idea of a standing meeting with the convenience of a table to take notes and use laptops for presentations it’s well worth considering a sit-stand meeting table or a high meeting table.

With a top height of 1050mm, high meeting tables are perfect for creating a relaxed vibe in your meeting space. The table is flexible in that it can be used by either sitting on high stools or standing. And so, the table becomes multi-purpose – able to be used for standing meetings and for employees to relaxing over coffee.


If you’re becoming tired of unproductive meetings, maybe it is time to make a change – starting with re-thinking your meeting spaces.

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