Choosing your seating fabric

My last blog on Hemp seating fabric was very popular so I thought it may be a good idea to explain how to choose the seating fabric to suit your needs and your budget.

Many cheap chairs will be supplied with a choice of blue, black, red etc. If you go for a chair for a little extra expense you should be able to choose from very wide variety of fabric colours, patterns, finishes and eco-credentials.

Two of the best know seating fabric companies are Camira Fabrics ( and Bradbury Contract Fabrics ( Both are based in Yorkshire and sell a wide range of fabrics for seating and desk divider screens.

The most popular fabric we sell is 'Xtreme Plus'. It is available in 60 different, very bright, attractive, modern colours. It has a good abrasion resistance, which means it will wear well, with a 10 year guarantee of wearability, although some of the lighter colours may show the dirt after a while. It is also priced well, being in the cheapest but one price band. This is important when you are buying a large number of chairs as fabric in a higher band can add as much as 50 and more to the price of each chair.

Just lately we have been selling a lot of chairs in 'Intervene fabric'.  This fabric is ideal for use in healthcare, education and other heavy duty areas. It is fire-retardant, waterproof, urine proof, stain repellent, anti-bacterial, breathable and bleach cleanable. If you spill a liquid on it, the liquid simply 'balls-up' and rolls off the fabric. This fabric is available in textured finish, pattern with circles, plain or marl finish.

As I've blogged about before, the Hemp and Sting fabrics are an eco-friendly choice, which cost a little more and have a limited colour choice. Hopefully these will come down in price over time.

Blazer is a mid-range choice in 32 colours in 100% pure new wool making this a sound ecological choice. It is renewable and compostable. This has a nice 'cosy' feel with some great colours.

Choosing fabric colours can be a very personal choice, which you may have to live with for a long while. It pays not to make an error and choose a colour that will not date. It is also prudent to pick a fabric suitable for your situation. If people are going to be eating or drinking while sitting on the chair, a stain repellent fabric may be a good choice.  


If you'd like to talk to us more about choosing seating fabric or to order swatch cards and information booklet, contact me Mark Brown at or give me a call on 0116 251 7741.